A lot can happen in a decade. A diet fad, a micro-generation, eye wrinkles.

While 10 years can reveal a lot, it says little about the spirit.

Spanning two sides of a decade and hailing from opposite sides of the country (only to trade places a year after meeting) Kelly and Melissa were brought together by social media, love for words, and a carnivorous appreciation for meat products.



When I met Kelly, I was expecting little more than a short-skilled college grad with nothing to offer and everything to learn. I was shocked when I fell instantly in love with a bright-eyed, intelligent, articulate young writer—knowing her now, I imagine this is a common occurrence for her. Maybe I have a big sister complex, and maybe part of me just wanted to use my dementor skills to absorb all of her untainted creative stuffs, but I saw in her so much of the me I wished I was 10 years ago. More so, she had awesome hair…Though, I never really got her obsession with lipstick.



When I met Melissa, I thought, who is this chatty Cathy? Our quick-bonding online relationship reminded me of my days as an early adopter of online dating on AOL Instant Messenger, when I would chat with my friend’s male classmates and we would ‘date’ before meeting each other. But Melissa was so much more than an online boyfriend—a woman with wits stronger than steel, she quickly became my mentor, editor and friend. And having 10 years’ experience in a field I was just starting to explore, I knew we had to shack up—as writing partners (not as boyfriends).

And so, a writing partnership was born.

The Lipstick Controversy is an experimental blog which explores the perspectives of a twenty-something (Kelly) and a thirty-something (Melissa) on the same subject.

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